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Patricia Mann Attorney at Law is a local family law attorney that emphasizes family law and everything that goes with it. Her business has been open since 1989, which has provided us with the expertise necessary to give you the best outcome possible. We provide completely personal service and have gained a great deal of experience representing the residents of Westlake Village and all of Ventura County, California. We are committed to each client who walks through our doors and will provide individualized attention from the very start to the successful finish. To set up a consultation that will assist you in determining the course of action you should take, call us at (805) 371-4066.

At our firm, we are wholly dedicated to helping both families and individuals with a variety of family law issues. These are delicate issues, which is why we do everything in our power to make sure that there's a high level of trust between us and all of our clients. When a client chooses us, they receive several benefits, including open communication between attorney and client, an attentive counsel and a personalized solution. We aim to provide high quality service for each client, including the answering all of your questions.
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Family Law Mediation Services

At the law office of Patricia Mann, we will provide you with compassionate counsel and dedicated representation. If you wish to dissolve your marriage, we can assist in either a contested divorce or uncontested one. We possess all of the skills necessary to assist you. Our commitment to help the individuals who seek our services is displayed through the vast number of peaceful resolutions we have reached. We fully understand that legal cases related to family law require a huge amount of professional guidance, legal advocacy and support, and we are more than prepared to provide you with these.

Family Law Matters We Handle

We handle all different types of family law matters here at Patricia Mann Attorney at Law, including divorce and legal separation, property division, support modifications, custody and visitation, paternity cases, prenuptial agreements, spousal and child abuse, domestic violence, restraining orders and collaborative family law.

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